About these pictures

In 2007, three of my designs were published in Photoshop Creative.  Along with it's companion magazine, Advanced Photoshop, almost everything that you want to know about Photoshop is covered in detail each month.  These are published in the U.K. 

The equivalent published in the United States is Photoshop User magazine.  This magazine is published by NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Professionals).  These three magazines are the best on the subject.

Each month, Photoshop Creative magazine gives you a series of pictures to work with.  The object is to use one, or all of the pictures to create your masterpiece.

  1. Western Town-  This was the first work that I had published.  It was a picture of a bunch of beach houses that I converted to a western scene.

  2. A Day of Peace-  This was a combination of a college courtyard and a mountain range.  One of my coworkers had said that he had always wanted to be a Franciscan monk.  I made his dream come true.  I added him into the scene and a local waterfall to come up with the completed image.

  3.  A Night on Pirate Bay-  The supplied pictures were a brick wall with a wooden frame stuck to it and a blackbird.  I turned the frame into a window and created a scene looking out on Pirate Bay, complete with Skull Rock.

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