I Love Photoshop!

Recently, I started composing pictures completely from Photoshop.  One of my favorites is the box of chocolates.  It took some time to create each candy and the box, but it was worth it!

The roller coaster is at Knott's Berry Farm.  Saturation of the colors made it so bright, combined with a gradient background. 

I took a picture of  a pirate's boots, and then made it look like he was on a ship that was sinking.  He even dropped some of the coins and necklaces that he was carrying.

Going with the flood theme, I decided to flood the whole basement!  I wanted it to look like a picture from Sin City.  Using a black and white base, and then adding blue eyes and a few splatters of red, I got the effect that I was looking for! See for yourself!


I wanted to do something with a very sensual feel to it.  I did it in a sepia tone, and added a heart shaped smoke ring for effect.

The next two pictures use  different blurring techniques to give them an interesting effect.  The Pepsi car and the Bee on the red flower show examples of this. 

A friend of my daughter's took a picture of her eyes.  Using a high key effect, Jenny's eyes took on the effect that is used for fashion models. 

The next picture is of a museum at the Huntington Library.  There was too much grass, so I decided to add a lake to the picture! 

I had a bunch of pictures that I took at Redondo Beach, so I decided to display the water through a porthole.  The porthole was created in Photoshop, down to the slots in the screw heads.

The Queen Anne Cottage at the Arboretum is one of the most photographed homes in the country.  The former home of Lucky Baldwin  was also used in the show Fantasy Island.  I inverted the colors and created a different look for the building. 

Finally, out-of-bounds is a technique for making objects look like they are coming out of the pictures!  The seagull is lifting his head right out of the picture.  Another picture of the Queen Anne Cottage shows the tower coming out of the picture.

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